Primer on Lawsuits

This is a reference of Accessibility Lawsuits. Awareness of this subject matter will be beneficial to protect our clients from accessibility lawsuits, whether it's ADA or Section 508 violations.

Wall Street Journal Article

There has been a 276% increase in accessibility lawsuits on websites between 2017 and 2018.

The number of website-access lawsuits filed in federal court reached 2,250 in 2018, almost three times the 814 filed in 2017, according to law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Most of the cases have been filed in New York and Florida, the firm’s data shows, though a recent appellate decision is likely to prompt more action in California.

Netflix ADA Lawsuit by the National Association for the Deaf

Judge Ponsor denied the motion, stating that it would be “irrational to conclude” that: “places of public accommodation are limited to actual physical structures…In a society in which business is increasingly conducted online, excluding businesses that sell services through the Internet from the ADA would run afoul of the purposes of the ADA and would severely frustrate Congress’s intent that individuals with disabilities fully enjoy the goods, services, privileges and advantages, available indiscriminately to other members of the general public.”