Can I change the Pattern Lab app to not open a new tab on every start?

Adjust wepback-dev-server development mode behavior for Pattern Lab within apps/pl/webpack.pl.js by setting open to false:

const dev = {
// ...
open: false, // defaults to true

Which browsers does Particle support?

Particle uses Browserslist to communicate transpiling and polyfill needs to all tooling. From the .browserslistrc file, these browsers should be fully functional with compiled Particle assets:

last 2 versions
not dead
> 1% in US
ie 11

To see the specific browsers this translates to at your date and time, run:

npx browserslist

How do I allow the Pattern Lab app to be accessible from within a Docker container?

See FA project config here.

Drupal is complaining about @ templates not being defined! What did I do?

This most likely means you missed installing the Drupal 8 Components module. Glance back over the Quickstart guide to make sure you didn't miss anything else common, like building the Drupal components.

What's with the goat?

It's cute, right?