What is it?

Astrogoat is the official logo of Particle, by Lisa Jansen

What is Particle?

Particle is an opinionated set of tools and examples to:

  1. Build one or more application-agnostic design systems made of assets like Twig, Sass, JavaScript, images, etc

  2. Apply those design systems to a locally-served Pattern Lab for rapid prototyping

  3. Apply those design systems to other consuming apps like, Drupal, Grav, or (soon) Wordpress

Particle Features

  • Drupal theme, Grav theme, and Pattern Lab instances

  • Strict Atomic Design component structure

  • Robust Webpack bundling of all CSS, JavaScript, font, and static assets for multiple targets

  • Webpack Dev Server for local hosting and hot reloading of assets into Pattern Lab

  • Twig namespaced paths automatically added into Drupal theme and Pattern Lab config; within any Twig file, @atoms/thing.twig means the same thing to Drupal theme and Pattern Lab

  • Iconfont auto-generation

  • Bootstrap 4 integration, used for all starting example components

  • Auto-linting against the AirBnB JavaScript Style Guide and sane Sass standards

  • All Webpack and Gulp files are fully configurable