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Removing Apps

The first thing you might want to do is remove apps you don't plan on using. By default, Particle ships with a Drupal, Pattern Lab and Grav app. Let's take a look at removing Grav step-by-step:

  • Remove Grav Directory

  • Remove Grav Scripts from particle root package.json

  • Remove twig-namespaces tasks from particle's gulpfile.js

  • GRAV ONLY: Remove the root particle.yml file.

That's it! Your Particle is now 100% Grav-free.

Removing Default Patterns

Particle comes by default with many different patterns based on Bootstrap 4. If you would like to remove these default patterns in reverse order: Pages => Templates => Organisms => Molecules => Atoms. Here are a few gotchas:

  • Don't Remove Protons: these "patterns" contain largely config. Simply put, they contain a bit of the magic that makes Particle great. Once you know more about how these are working you can override them.

  • Don't Remove Atoms/Images or Atoms/SvgIcon right away: while these patterns are replaceable, they're used in a few places that may result in angry console output.

  • Organisms/Carousel: This default pattern implements Bootstrap 4's Carousel, but also stands as a method for the Drupal app to have settings overridden. Remove Carousel as well as the settings overrides in the Drupal app's index.js file.

Now You're Linting with Power. AirBnB Power

No but seriously, your linter might get mad at you. For full instruction, see the Config Structure reference. However just be aware by default there are several config files at the root of Particle that govern our code structure. See below for the file and associated docs:

Removing Bootstrap

@todo: More info on how to remove Bootstrap JS is needed.


By default a large number of Bootstrap micro libraries are included with the base Particle components. This allows Pattern Lab to look good and usable from the jump, while also giving themers an easy ability to cut out styles and libraries they don't need.

Bootstrap styles are located in source/{design-system}/_patterns/00-protons/_bootstrap-printing.scss As you can guess by looking at the file, you can remove any individual Bootstrap pattern by removing the line. Since Bootstrap is mostly class-based, removing any given line won't cause compile errors (although it may make certain pages look less pretty)

Renaming Drupal Theme

While not entirely necessary, you may make the decision at some point to rename your Drupal theme contained in your Drupal app folder. By default the name is listed as Particle, but it really can be anything you wish. Let's say you want your theme to be the Kittens theme:

  • Update particle.info.yml to kittens.info.yml

  • Update Particle theme functions file from particle.theme to kittens.theme

    • Update your theme function names in from particle_ to kittens_.

  • Update particle.libraries.yml to kittens.libraries.yml

  • Note that Particle bypasses Drupal's default jQuery library.